The fact that the ITNJ project continues its mission to operate as a private court with one judge in a seat of power, representing itself to be in the public's best interest while excluding the voice of the public, is the only reason we decided to go back and pull out some of our old documents and emails in order to articulate why we cannot support this effort.  Now is not the time to keep it to ourselves.

Had we bowed down to this group's demands in the end, all that would be left would be another system of control.  Ugh. And we didn't want to see anyone else go into this project without as much information as we could provide to draw from in doing their own research.

Some of these articles contain a little venom, I know -- it's hard to hold back when you're reliving some experiences where you witnessed good friends and colleagues treated with disregard and disrespect to the point of verbal abuse.  Sometimes you wind up kicking up a little dirt while you're trying to yank out the root. 

Rebecca Cope headed this project and I've never seen anyone dedicate so much time, energy, and feeling into it as she did.  Her excitement and positive attitude was contagious.  She made us all feel important, welcome, and valuable even on days I could sense she wasn't feeling that way herself at all. 

Rebecca left retirement to take on this project, and she lives a life that's so cool.  She and her husband travel all over the country and there isn't much they haven't seen -- from bears in the middle of the highway to the unforgettable picture in my head of her husband on the roof of the R/V to reconnect the internet right before a thunderstorm hit us, to waking up to their R/V parked in a huge yard in the middle of a beautiful Missouri farm filled with kids, goats, and a bunch of people gathered to create something they'd all dreamed of creating.  I will never forget those awesome sweet potato pancakes she made for us, either ...

Rebecca wrote something she shared with us, a year after we'd moved on.  With her permission I'm publishing it in the hopes it helps end any negative feelings she's likely struggled with off and on for the last two years.  I felt she took responsibility for everything and God knows how bad she must have felt when it hit her that she'd gotten this team together and promised them something that would never materialize because the partners she thought she was working with turned out not to be partners at all.  It wasn't her fault she had been lied to.  On top of that, they ousted her from the Founder and Trustee positions before she could even speak to the discrepancies she found and get answers as to why they were there in the first place.  Out of all of us, Rebecca took the most hits and, at times, verbal abuse and insults from these people.  And she handled it all with more grace than I could ever hope to have.

Closure is a good thing.  It helps us move on, in peace.  And that's the least this woman deserves for all her hard work, sacrifice, and dedication to the cause.  This writing might also give you a sense of the personalities she had to deal with on a near-daily basis.  For people who demand respect and gracious behavior towards themselves, they aren't really into returning the favor.

Most of you won't be able to connect with this, and that's okay -- but I know Rebecca will, and this is for her. 

Thanks, Rebecca, for being a wonderful leader, partner, and trusted friend.  We love you.

----  (Forever) Team USA

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