UPDATED: OPPT/ACH/Treasury Direct Account Update

UPDATED July 24, 2017

In the video below where Heather Jarraf and two other people tell of their experiences in Knoxville, TN regarding the Randy Beane case, at about 1:08:45 you will hear Heather say that Bank of America is "where her Fed contract is."  She says this a total of three times.  She goes on to say "... but that's neither here nor there at this point."

I wonder what a "Fed contract" is, and what might its terms be?  

I was going to continue to ignore the OPPT / TD access stuff and wait for it to play out.  And I did, for awhile -- until the law got my attention.

I can honestly say as I investigate the ACH/TD account access issue through the One People's Public Trust, I'm finding more and more that I can understand.  But that doesn't mean I'm going to jump in.

This article from Anna, who to me is the Voice of Reason and Common Sense, got my attention today.  I was waiting for her take on all this.

In doing some IRS work, we are finding what we call "rogue" agents.  Most of these "offices" don't have anyone working in them anymore.  You'll get documents from them, for example, that are unsigned, correspondence that appears to have been spit out of a computer.  You call, and you might get someone who speaks English, but you still don't know where they are.  

We've seen US Tax Court "orders" that have the s/_______ signature with a "judge's" name typed below.  They're not electronically filed, either.  The last three orders I saw have the same guy's name at the bottom.  I go to the website and see a picture of someone with the same name as "judge" but I have no confirmation he's a real person. 

So, how do I know this guy even exists?  Or is he renting himself out so it looks like he's real?  Creepy, but possible...

So -- what we feel has been happening, is the offices of some of the former US government systems are vacant and most of the administrative work is now done by computer.  These "rogue agents" of the IRS are people coming in and acting as IRS agents, we believe them, and they are filing claims against us as though they are IRS agents, but they really aren't.  Believe it or not, this is what we've found -- after going to the US Treasury to ask if there's a levy and getting a response that says "nope, no levy."  

So who's the "IRS Agent" filing a claim for back taxes and what's his authority?

This gets into some deeper stuff, like Deep State stuff -- but I have more evidence this is possible right now, than evidence it's not.

Working on foreclosure remedy/process/defense/prosecution cases, I had to research banking and finance laws, current and past.  More people are creating  notes and bonds to pay off their loans and getting confirmation from the bank itself that their loan has been paid off, and still getting caught in the court system, and I had no choice but to dig in and see how the banks were still successfully stealing from people and why it was so hard to prove to these idiots in the black robes on the court record how and why it was fraud.  It's not really hard -- what's hard is for them to admit it.  Because no matter what evidence you put on the record, they can't, and won't, admit it.  

Attorneys for the banks are filing motions for dismissal on the pleadings.  This is so they can be attorneys representing a bank and also testify as witnesses -- a clear violation of their rules, but they're almost always upheld by the judge because judgement on the pleadings doesn't require "evidence."  How convenient.  I guess in a way, these guys are all "rogue" agents...in the flesh.  

I discovered recently that the US Marshals Service, for example, is no longer a government agency, I think they shut down in 2012 -- all of them now are paid sub-contractors using the name by trademark.  Rogue agents, in my opinion.  

This is what appears we're moving into.  The people are being pushed out of the equation, and this is a perfect way to get around the Constitution without making it obvious.  Do the research, and tell me this isn't true.

Here's my point.  There's weird stuff happening right now that I never thought could happen.
As a law nerd, I'm pretty familiar with citizenship status, United States Code, administrative remedy, statutes, Congressional legislation and a lot of the history surrounding why we're in such a mess today.  I know because I wanted to know.

And I wonder who's manning the ship at the ole Treasury these days.

I also wonder about ownership.  If you use a TDA account to buy anything and pay taxes on it, you don't own it.  If you pay taxes on real estate you purchase, for example, the state and the feds still have an interest in it.  That third-party contract still exists, and you can't use a TDA account unless you confirm you are a U.S. Citizen / federal contractor (Social Security card).  It's actually an implied contract.  You use the service (no matter what your citizenship status is), it's assumed you've contracted with them.

You still haven't broken your contracts with the state and the federal.  And I don't care if they were "foreclosed" in 2012 -- let's say they were.  It doesn't change the fact that anyone who does business with them now is just helping to keep their doors open.  And your status doesn't matter anyway -- if you do business with them, it's still a contract.

Besides that, you don't know who's at the controls.  Someone can still push a button and stop the whole works.

And this is the catch.

Now -- there are people who say "we're healing the planet, we need to love, love love everyone and forgive,"  and so on.  Fine, I'm good with healing the planet and I'm even good with forgiveness, I'm good with love.  But not to the point of giving my inheritance away, my right to ownership of what I purchase, to be shamed into being called "a tool of separation" because I come to decisions about my future in my own time and it's not always overnight.  If that's "separation," so be it.

When you watch the video, you'll hear about Heather's "three day" limit on the government to get this done for everyone.  That's contract, UCC, 72 hour notice of cancellation ... if so, what's being begun, or canceled?  And how have we been made knowledgeable of the terms and conditions? 

There's a bigger picture here, and right now, I'm not seeing it.  The "rogue agent" stuff did get my attention as I watched this video, though.  A lot of "what ifs" came to mind ... 

Is this just another, but bigger, box?

So, I'm still observing, reporting what I find, adding that to what I know, and typing it out here for whomever finds it helpful.

Here's the video from the call I listened to this morning.  

A few, not all, of the people "doing" this TDA stuff are vehemently defending this process.  If you don't believe, you're causing problems, separation, yada yada.  It's disturbing and reminds me of a cult mentality.  

As always, do your research, and don't jump in if something doesn't feel right.

I'm continuing to stick with "observer" mode.  If nothing else, it'll be very interesting to see how all this plays itself out.