I continue to follow this story because I'm hearing about "trust scams" that are decades old, tied to the "global collateral accounts" -- and how trusts aren't all that if you want to own anything, like land, or your body -- or anything else.

It's true that with a trust, the Trustees have legal ownership of everything and I don't care if they "say" they're giving it to the people -- until it's done legally, it won't happen.  And I wonder where the $10 billion per person came from in the first place -- if it was always ours, why put it in a trust in the first place?

We've been operating under a trust, in bankruptcy -- how's that working out for us today?

When Heather got arrested, I couldn't understand why the friend she talked about so often, Karl Langenstein, wasn't anywhere to be found in her time of need.  Heather had talked about Karl as one who "grew up among the banking families."  She talked about him so often it was easy to assume they were good friends and communicated on a regular basis.

Here's the pertinent parts of the conversations of July 24 and 25, 2017 from the I-UV website:

[9:49 AM] Alex and Valerie:

<<< July 24, 2017 8:00 pm
We decided to go for a walk towards the White House (WH).  We walked to the SW gate to see if she was in the WH system for a meeting yet.  After handing the Secret Service our passports we waited near the gate.  Heather explained to SS she just wanted to see if she was in the system for a meeting.  I (Valerie) did not hear the entire dialogue but did hear Heather say “banking corruption”.  Heather told SS that she was colleagues with Karl Langenstein and Johnathon Betts, and they had referred her to the WH for these meetings.

Heather dialed Karl Langenstein.  The call was dropped and Heather called him back immediately.  When he answered, she handed the phone to an agent.

... During this time, many agents questioned us about our time in DC, our relationship with Heather, occupation, etc.  Alex was then released from handcuffs, as the Arkansas warrant is non-extraditable.  We were all still in the same gate area.

Then arrived 3 plain clothes SS agents and we were formally interviewed.  As my memory serves, these were the questions asked:  name, address, ss#, reason for being in DC, education, military experience, family, clubs or hobbies, gun use and ownership, drug use, character reference, medical.  All three reports were verified and we were released soon afterwards.

NOTEWORTHY:  During his interview, Alex overheard the agent that talked to KL tell another agent, “he says he has never heard of her”[9:50 AM] Alex and Valerie:
<<< We both could use a big dose of good energy as we are pretty shook up

lisa shannon
Everyone – Current Status of Events Now Unfold :
[10:09:46 AM] Alex and Valerie: Heather has been arrested.  Breathing through it.  Need guidance.
[10:12:15 AM] Skye Macleod: REALLY??? We are with you Alex (heart)
[10:12:23 AM] Terran/AK: For?
[10:12:48 AM] Terran/AK: By whom?
[10:13:59 AM] Terran/AK: What happened?
[10:14:54 AM] Terran/AK: They really don’t get who they arrested. Will not go as they expect!
[10:25:30 AM] Denice D: Just talked to Valerie. H was just arrested now. Federal warrant. did not show it to Val or Alex. H was outside smoking when they arrested her
[10:25:49 AM] Denice D: 3 fbi agents from the terrorism task force
[10:26:12 AM] Denice D: Timothy hartman 703-389-1580
[10:26:34 AM] Denice D: Justin Wincoff 202-440-0350
[10:26:37 AM] Denice D: and one other.
[10:26:59 AM] Denice D: She is being taken to Central booking IN DC. before a Judge to be bonded.
[10:27:46 AM] Denice D: The three of them were detained by Secret Service for several hours last night at the white house gate.  Had extensive background checks and had to fill out questionairres
[10:27:56 AM] Denice D: H told Alex and Val to call Lisa Shannon
[10:28:13 AM] Terran/AK: Do you have Alex number? It was posted somewhere but I don’t recall which room
[10:28:33 AM] Denice D: 319-640-5879
[10:28:49 AM] Denice D: does anyone have jonathan betts phone number?
[10:28:54 AM] Denice D: or an atty in DC?
[10:29:26 AM] Denice D: Skye do you think Paul could advise us? Valeria and Alex need some help
[10:29:36 AM] Denice D: they are alone in DC
[10:29:37 AM | Edited 10:30:09 AM] Terran/AK: No but I can check a copy of a Hardrive I have for email address. I’ll contact Karl
[10:29:49 AM] Denice D: who else to call?
[10:30:00 AM] Denice D: Karl Lagenstein? or email him?
[10:30:19 AM] Denice D: thank you!
[10:41:15 AM] Terran/AK: I sent him a Skype message could not connect via a call
[10:41:42 AM] Terran/AK: Burlap will get the feed from Karl before Karl even sees it
[10:52:10 AM] Skye Macleod: On 25/07/2017, at 17:29, Denice D wrote:
> Skye do you think Paul could advise us? Valeria and Alex need some help YES will contact him now
[11:09:46 AM] Terran/AK: Dear Karl
As you may be aware – Heather was arrested in Washington D.C. this morning around 10:00 am, EST.
Will you be so kind as to communicate with me as soon as possible?  It was stated that you were called last night – on Heather’s phone – to inform the Secret Service who were interviewing Heather and friends – that you knew her.
The Secret Service agent that you purportedly spoke with walked away as he was talking to you and came back with Heather’s phone stating that you did not know who she was.
Please assist us – as your heart guides.
We need clarity in this matter. ‘Time’ is of the essence.
In Gratitude,
Lisa Shannon

As far as I know, as of today, Mr. Langenstein is still M.I.A. with regards to Heather's arrest.

Could this be why?

It appears the case was dismissed "without prejudice" which to my understanding means that it can be re-opened at any time.  My assumption is it's closed because it was deemed unlikely Mr. Langenstein would ever make an appearance in the United States in 2006, and the case is now 11 years old.  That's just a guess, there's nothing in the record that explains why it was dismissed.

While I was at it, I looked up the Langenstein family.  Now "extinct," it appears they were of some type of nobility, with very early religious roots (not unlike a lot of "old" families).

A quote from the article above got my attention "The first time the Langenstein family appears, is in an unconfirmed record from 1148, when they supposedly founded an Augustinian Canons Regular." 

I did find it interesting to note that Heather had talked about Mr. Langenstein as well as Jonathan Betts (a financial attorney who appears to live in Bermuda, and is licensed with the Bermuda BAR) both working in some way with the White House, and Mr. Langenstein has this "closed" but without prejudice warrant in Florida ...