People continue to listen to this man's misinformation and absolute bullshit -- and I was relieved to see this man's Youtube channel disappear when I checked this morning.

But he just started a new one and I'm not putting the name of it here because I don't want to give him any advertising.

Harvey Dent isn't his real name -- or maybe Harvey Denson isn't his real name, but he goes by both. And he's going to get a lot of people struggling with more than just debt -- once the reversals come in and the law has the evidence you tried to use a social security number as a bank (clearly against all the warnings that have been posted on the Federal Reserve websites), you'll be struggling with more than just debt, late charges and fees, and possible repossession of anything you bought -- think money laundering, fraud, and possibly RICO charges.

These are felonies, people.  They carry charges worth decades of your life in prison.  With the NDAA on top of it, they don't need a warrant, you won't have any rights, and you can be "disappeared" if they label you a "terrorist."  Oh, and "paper terrorism" is no different.

Is paying your student loan off, or buying a new car (temporarily) worth giving up your life for?

I was glad to see many people who have done their homework put out videos warning people not to listen to this man, and I'm putting a collection of them here in the hopes that one or more of them send the right message to the right person, to get them to just stop it.

Listen to these people.  Some of them are using graphic language as they speak, just move to the next one if you don't like hearing it.  But all of them are trying to warn you, in their own way and in their own words.

And don't tell me this man isn't making a profit from this scam.  His Youtube was taken down for a reason.  His Patreon site has 40 patrons, and the more clicks he gets, the more attention he gets and the more money he makes from lying to you. 

This information about "secret accounts" is not new.  Do a search -- you'll see videos and articles from years ago talking about the same thing.  You are getting half-truths and bad information from a man whose only goal appears to me to get attention from you to feed his ego and his bank account at the same time.


Why would someone who can pay all his bills using the methods he says work, need any donations from you?

I pointed out the law in a previous article that clearly states that the debts of the United States, Incorporated are not yours.  The money to pay the debts is not yours.  They made you a U.S. Citizen / slave / employee of a corporation without your knowledge or consent, and this is how they made you responsible for their debt.

They created JOHN A DOE out of John Anthony Doe.

They are already double-dipping from your payment just as they always have, from your bank account and the one from the US Treasury, Inc. that holds the account with your assets in it.  Nothing has changed except now, you're violating laws they can haul you into their court system with.

By paying bills addressed to JOHN A DOE with an account linked to JOHN A DOE, you are assisting them in continuing the fraud, you aren't exposing it in the way you think.  You're giving that system the credibility it desperately needs right now.  At the same time, you're becoming a part of the largest honey pot I've ever seen -- should they decide to take that route with you -- and I assure you, if they can stop you, they will.

We are dealing with criminals, both outside and inside the system.  Scams like Swissindo, the dinar revaluation, the Heirship Bank, and many others are out there.  Be aware of them, do your homework.

Please remember that your voice is more valuable than anything to get the truth out there.  There is no need to jeopardize your safety to do it. If they can silence you by trapping you into a scam and throwing you into a prison cell, they will.

Don't let them!

To all of you scammers taking advantage of people, I have one continuous message to send you: