A Collection of Very Useful Documents: Part I

Most of these documents should be rather self-explanatory, but where I found good explanations, I included them.

Our team has been working on foreclosure cases, IRS and traffic cases, etc., approaching them from the administrative end, but before we get them removed to administrative we still have to deal with the judicial -- and all of these cases are full of fraud, deception, and downright criminal activity committed by the BAR members involved.  The judges are twisting words more than ever, the attorneys are using their rules and procedures (where most of their education lies) to testify as witnesses without producing evidence and getting away with it, and I know this isn't new to most of you.

What we have decided to do is get even more proactive with these cases.  We're going to include the liens against the ABA and IBA, the state lien from the state we're dealing with (a list of the document numbers is below) with every complaint against a judge and an attorney and see what we get.

If you are stuck in a court case and don't know how to get out, try filing a "judicial complaint" and a "void judgment" on these people.  Most courts have a Judicial Complaint division and there you should be able to find a standard form to fill out and send in.  Stay at the state level -- all these guys know each other, and if there's a complaint out there that they can't get out of, everyone will know it.  Include the ABA and IBA lien document after you've signed the Affidavit and see what happens.

If they can't truthfully answer the questions on the lien -- and they can't without pulling their own pants down -- it stands as an Affidavit of Truth.  An Affidavit of Truth, unrebutted, stands as law. 

Shame these people for trying to screw their employers -- and put them on notice that YOU know what they're doing at the same time.

This first document is the bankruptcy lien that our esteemed President Clinton filed, using the only thing they had left to borrow to pay their debts -- our bodies including "arms and legs," and all "real land."  This is why there are so many foreclosures going on now.  This is why they are trying to spread "ebola" scares (to pump us with mercury-laced vaccines) -- and we all know about the dangers of GMO's and preservatives in our food.  Although they need us alive to keep siphoning off our assets for now, when they're done taking all of that, no doubt our bodies will be next.

These people are criminal to the nth degree -- I'm giving you some evidence and also some weapons of truth to put in your arsenal.

You can put these docs into any case you're dealing with -- even traffic, city ordinance fines, whatever.  Bombard these creeps with the truth, there's no reason you can't have a little fun watching their reactions!

Anna explains the above, and what it all means.

This doc is another copy of the UCC filing by Clinton along with the Executive Order he signed giving themselves full benefit of our land and our bodies.  Keep in mind that Congress knows all about this, yet they've done absolutely nothing about it.

Congressman McFadden's speech before Congress outing the Federal Reserve Bank systems, the very same ones so many people are trying to do business with right now.  It never pays to do business with criminals, you'll get screwed every time.

Below is the Universal Payment Bond -- the one Anna talks about that you can put yourself under to take commercial responsibility for your estate.  Go to her website where you'll find complete instructions on how to use this and the state lien documents to remove yourself from any liability for THEIR debts.  There's a search bar there, use it to find what you need.

Here are the Non-UCC Filing numbers for all states.  Go to the Alaska Department of Natural Resources website under "UCC" to do a search.  Pulling the document for your records is free.

Here is the Non-UCC filing for my state, Missouri, to show you these documents have been filed and are active.

Information on the ABA/IBA Commercial Obligation Lien.  

Read this.  You'll know what you can do with it when you understand it.

This goes with the ABA/IBA lien information.  One reason why the system is trying to put the man who signed this in prison, and enough to tell you why you need to do everything you can to stay out so you can put this to good use.

I can't express my gratitude enough for all of the hard work these people have done to educate us and provide us with tools necessary to free ourselves, and each other.  

For people new to this, you can go to Anna's website for historical information, and get her book "You Know Something's Wrong When ... An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" which is a super easy read to explain how we got here.  All proceeds go to the cause.

My hard drives are full of information and this blog is the perfect place to share  it in the hopes it helps just one person.  More to come ...