The MERS/NationsBank Security Agreement

MERS/NationsBank Security Agreement

MERS is You.  You are MERS.

See the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia pertaining to Investing Public Funds for some enlightening information on how these laws are used in one of the largest banking scams in history, the use of public funds to fund YOUR loan.

MERS Inc. is a Delaware corporation with its principal place of business located in Vienna, Virginia.

As such under Virginia law § 59.1-501.2(15)  Defines a Consumer as 

“[a]n individual who is a licensee of information or informational rights that the individual at the time of contracting intended to be used primarily for personal, family, or household purposes. The term does not include an individual who is a licensee primarily for professional or commercial purposes, including agriculture, business management, and investment management other than management of the individual's personal or family investments.”  (as concerning to Trusts)

As such under Virginia law § § 59.1-501.2 (41)(42)(43) as to licenses:

(41) "License" means a contract that authorizes access to, or use, distribution, performance, modification, or reproduction of, information or informational rights, but expressly limits the access or uses authorized or expressly grants fewer than all rights in the information, whether or not the transferee has title to a licensed copy. The term includes an access contract, a lease of a computer program, and a consignment of a copy. The term does not include a reservation or creation of a security interest to the extent the interest is governed by Title 8.9A. [8.9A is Oregon §ORS79 – Secured Transactions]
(42) "Licensee" means a person entitled by agreement to acquire or exercise rights in, or to have access to or use of, computer information under an agreement to which this chapter applies. A licensor is not a licensee with respect to rights reserved to it under the agreement.
(43) "Licensor" means a person obligated by agreement to transfer or create rights in, or to give access to or use of, computer information or informational rights in it under an agreement to which this chapter applies. Between the provider of access and a provider of the informational content to be accessed, the provider of content is the licensor. In an exchange of information or informational rights, each party is a licensor with respect to the information, informational rights, or access it gives.