The most important thing to know about this court is it has little to do with the people.  It's all about The Titles sending an illusion to the public to lead them to believe they're working to solve the problems of humanity.  This in turn creates the illusion that all of their related projects are designed to help humanity.  To summarize;

We've established the ITNJ is a product of Humanitad and New Earth Trust, and that Humanitad and New Earth Trust support many of the concepts of the United Nations, particularly the environment and even their financial system.

We've established that New Earth Trust facilitates projects within New Earth Nation that seek to govern the use of land, education, media, finance, and law, wrapped in fancy graphics and new age language.

We've established the same principals of the Trust are the same principals within each of these sub-organizations.

As for the ITNJ:

We've established the ITNJ Committee, which will include its international chapters, knows little to nothing about law.  The principals in the international chapters DO know about law, which is primarily why there are few, if any, international chapters.  The body count is currently at four (that we know of).

We've established the ITNJ Treaty is an adhesion contract tied directly to its ever-changing Constitution; and

We've established that a small group of people in front of the New Earth Trust run this entire show, while it is unknown who is or may be behind the Trust.

To illustrate the inconsistencies which create conflict with the ITNJ's mission as it advertises to the public at large versus law, policy and procedure that continue to put the authority and control in the hands of a few (where have we heard that before?) and the flexibility of those policies to which the people have no right to object to, we have to show how this court purports itself to be a solution for human rights violations "of global significance" but has no means or authority to implement its findings.

From the Committee website:  "We the People are now standing to reclaim sovereign birthright. We are duty-bound to stop the violence that passes for Rule of Law. The ITNJ gives us the mechanism to hold agents of justice systems accountable for injury caused to people in the name of government. Injury includes stolen birthrights, stolen homes, stolen property, stolen children, and stolen lives."

We wanted to make absolutely sure that "we the people" were involved in this court and the power and authority was known to come from the people, not the judge, not The Titles, not The Others, not The Big Names, and we wanted to make absolutely sure that this theme was consistent in word and in deed throughout.

A fully informed jury is one whose members are 1) aware of their right to rule on the facts and their opinion of the law in a case, based on their conscience; 2) know that the judge is simply a referee in the court; and 3) know that the law doesn't require the judge to tell the jury any of this so it is up to the jury to understand when and how to invoke its authority.

How many people in the world do you think know this and, if they do know, understand how to exercise it in law, in a courtroom setting?

How many people in the world do you think know that the judge in a courtroom was always supposed to be just a referee, to keep everyone playing by the rules, and keep the peace, and sign the final order handed down by the jury?

We knew there were more people who didn't know this than did.  And they had a right to this information and the right to take this plan and implement it in their own countries, their own communities if it suited them.  We weren't out to dictate to anyone that we had all the answers but we did know that this plan put the power of the court system back into the people's hands no matter where on the planet you live.

It was a start.

We began with what we knew.

Below is a mind map, the result of a week's worth of putting the pieces of the entire project's current and projected infrastructure and goals into perspective, authored by the USA law team, using the Logical Framework Method in a course kindly provided to us by one of its teachers, Noel. We needed to know how to promote a court through education and media without the court's involvement as in  promoting itself -- how to provide a space for education in common law, grand juries, etc. so that anyone wishing to participate in the court would have access to as much knowledge and information as possible.  It was a massive project and a lot of work, and the final diagram came out in mid-July 2015. 

We did not want anyone to have to pay for access to this court, so we built in a few options that might help make the court self-funded, along with a transparent system of education and media outreach that we thought might bring in educated and devoted people along with the donations from people and groups who would show their support that way.  Our goal was that no one would have to pay to have access to justice if we could avoid it.  We'd even left the option open to find ways to set aside a pool of funds for people less financially fortunate in order to pay the filing fee if we had to charge one, should it come down to it.

We presented the plan to Sacha Stone with excitement and enthusiasm.

It was flatly rejected for more reasons than I can put down here, the most notable of which it wasn't "international" enough.  We all must consult with Sir John immediately.  We'd left the rest of the world out.  The USA was responsible for all the problems on the planet and we were tasked to fix them -- and here we were, thinking only of ourselves. 

And we flatly rejected his rejection.

We'd based this model roughly on the first ITNJ Legislative Statute document drafted by The Titles Themselves, in late 2014:

You can compare this model to the public ITNJ documents today and see that they're actually two separate documents.

We stood our ground, and the whole show ended something like this:

The Titles always assumed they ran the show, and The Titles decided the ITNJ Director and a Trustee Emeritus and a Founding Member wasn't up to snuff.  So they had this Big Meeting amongst Themselves.  We think we scared the pants off The Titles by going off The Script, which promptly set the stage for Big Drama.  If not good at anything else, they are all good with Big Drama.

And we were not about to play that game.

The Titles didn't respect their own procedures enough to hold themselves accountable to them.  What other stuff would they put in writing and ignore?

And this is why this court will never go anywhere save for a place in its own little world, with The Others and the Big Names coming and going, feeding off of the hard work of good-hearted and dedicated volunteers raising money and arranging calendars, meetings, conference calls, rushing to meet endless Deadlines for no payment or reward save the trust and the hope they have in The Titles, that they're changing the world for the better, while The Titles keep changing the rules only to hold a Big Meeting amongst Themselves to oust anyone who objects.  No matter what Title They give you, there's still that little group who claims authority over all.

We change the world for the better when we stop listening to others who think and act like they know it all, and begin listening to our own hearts.  It's not about someone else's "pure truth" narrative, it's about yours.  In quantum vs. binary thinking, "pure truth" has more variables and possibilities than a Crayola factory has colors.  But you already know this.

It is our hope and prayer that you TAKE the parameters that would define your destiny from these  energy vampires who purport to be experts in law, education, media, finance, and land ownership in an effort to convince you they know something you don't -- because it's not true -- and use it to stomp out the Old Paradigm of Lack and Scarcity once and for all.  The only thing these people know from experience is The Script and how to wrap it in different packaging over and over again. To The Titles, humanity is an endless supply of people whose energy they feed from, giving the illusion they have some type of higher knowledge through said Titles and Big Names and backyard Pay-to-Play "Havens" that fool people into believing they have the best intentions towards humanity when in the end, it's all about Them. 
We'll finish here with a few words we received from former volunteers (names withheld for privacy reasons).


"It's funny that Sacha would ask that no one on his team speak or work with you since, for a short while after the "split" he used to ask me, "XXXX, what's going on with Rebecca and crew?"  I guess I was an exception to the rule or something?  Anyways, it's of no importance, as I never had anything to say to him and have ceased speaking with him or the ITNJ quite some time ago.  There is no doubt in my mind that the ITNJ was an energy-sink meant to distract and divide men and women of good conscience - no different from plenty of other false fronts and scams.  Sacha indeed was one of the people I was speaking about in my last post - I even asked that my name be completely scrubbed from all of their sites because I am so profoundly sketched out by NEN/ITNJ (not that I actually think anything would come of it - I just don't want my energy mixing with theirs in any way whatsoever).

On the bright side, I'm very glad I got to work with and meet yourself and Rod Class through this whole ITNJ experience.  I actually have no doubt at this point in my life that the goodwill of people can indeed outlast and outsmart the slavery system, no matter what they throw at us.  Your guys' example has been one of the things that have left me feeling so optimistic."

and this from a member of the international community (where our blueprint would never work):

 "... when you take up the reigns again, she's very keen to get in touch and consult with you...i imagine many of the old team will come back, there were so many excellent people, and as you said in that skype message re missouri & the blueprint, and seeing that everyone will have a roll according to their talents and abilities- that's exactly what it should be like, a good leader would be able to translate that into groundwork action..(XXXXX) is another of that kind...i saved that message, o somehow felt it was significant haha! after that you fell off/pushed off, the wagon lost its wheels and has ground almost to a halt, maybe completely, 
well anyway
may i remind you of that message, i looked on the date, 12th july! here it is, i so wanted to get in touch and ask what it all meant, but at the time felt i needed to keep to the straight & narrow, let it unfold, well it is finally doing that that was the last we heard of you sadly

i kept monitoring skype thread for a while for news of what team america was doing, none of us at this end seemed to have a clue as to what happened ...sacha dropped some allusions that made no sense to me as i had been there on too many zooms to have a good sense of your vibe/tribe...

what interesting times we are having..."

 Lastly, Brother Thomas in South Africa's response as he waved goodbye.

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