The ITNJ has a lot of parents and they all have different names.  Here I will show you how they all go back to New Earth Trust.  Read it for yourself in their own words here.

"The NewEarth Project is an open platform to unite humanity in ushering in a new era of planetary wellbeing, peace and prosperity.  The New Earth Trust is the name of the organisation which is responsible for facilitating the NewEarth Project."

Trusts aren't all bad.  A lot of us average folk have them.  The most wealthy use them for a number of purposes, one of which is to have ownership of something but not -- "own nothing, control everything" is the catchphrase.   They're handy because you can use the Trust as the "owner" of property, bank accounts, etc. and keep your personal self out of any potentially unpleasant entanglements that may appear, because your name isn't on anything.  They're a great way to handle assets with pretty much total privacy -- if you know what you're doing.

So, is New Earth Trust a bad thing?  Does it have pure intentions?  I don't know.  What I do know is it has parental rights over

New Earth Nation (land mass)
New Earth Project (building projects / ecosystems / conservation, etc. on the land mass)
New Earth University (education)
New Earth Exchange (finance and commerce) and
the ITNJ. (law)

New Earth Exchange has a very interesting expression of intent --

"Wealth in the New Earth is discerned by the facility with which members and communities can maximally access and exchange value with the least impediments to themselves and the ecosystem."

They sure use a lot of "ecosystem" talk.

There is a "blueprint" posted on the New Earth Project website which contains several references to the United Nations, one being UNEP (p.6).  UNEP's kinda big into climate change.  Agenda 30-like, part of the United Nations.

There's a lot of talk here about "sustainability" and "conservation," too, like they've already decided for you what's "sustainable" and what's not.  If I'm living on my own land, I'll decide what's sustainable and what's not, thank you.  I'll worry about the ecosystems, too.  I'll even decide what to conserve, preserve, and protect. 

I highly suggest you read the blueprint .  The United Nations has done absolutely nothing to benefit humanity.  They make endless announcements about what they intend to do for humanity in a series of 20- and 30- year blocks.  Their courts make rulings that are unenforceable, and although they seem very concerned about the environment, they have yet to hold anyone responsible for anything. And they get big bucks from all their member countries for spewing their propaganda on the world stage.

And then there's Humanitad.  Internationally recognized and an avid supporter of the United Nations.

The catch phrase at the bottom of this page under "Mission" is interesting: 

‘one world – one humanity‘

Go through that website carefully.  It was an enlightening experience for me.  A bunch of pictures at United Nations events.  Here it mentions the ITNJ.  So the ITNJ IS part of Humanitad.

A look back at one of the original ITNJ Constitutions shows this interesting relationship at Article I, Sec. 1.  This one according to the filename is dated April 30,  2015.  It could have been a draft -- oh wait, they're all drafts!

So far, we have as primary groups New Earth Trust, New Earth Nation, New Earth Project, and all the stuff under the Project.  They don't exactly say "ITNJ" here, nor do they mention Humanitad.  But one of the first ITNJ Constitutions, shown below, clearly lays out it is "the principal judicial organ of Humanitad and New Earth Trust."  Bam, right there on p. 3.

Why all these different names?  It's confusing, isn't it?

Personally, I see this as a model of the United Nations Agenda 2030 using prettier pictures and fancier language -- ala New Age Bullshit.  Its legal system and court are part of the whole enchilada with the principal facilitator of all of it being New Earth Trust (and whomever controls the Trust).  And I don't know who that is, which is a big reason the larger entities with subcorps and sub-subcorps and so on like them.

I didn't write this article to hate on New Earth Nation, Project, and all these other guys.  I wrote it hoping it would inspire you to get all the facts they just don't talk about.  They're in black and white, in their own words, on their websites, so it's not a secret.  

What I find most concerning are the similarities in the architectural plan of New Earth Trust as compared to the architectural plan of the United Nations.  And all this "ecosystem" and "sustainability" and "conservation" talk reminds me of the Paradigm of Lack we live in today.

While I do agree that nations need to come together and unify against poverty, war, destruction, and criminal behavior in our governments and anywhere else we encounter it and learn to develop a mutual respect for our different cultures, religions, and ideologies, it doesn't mean we need to trade our autonomy for unity.   

The corporations are polluting our planet.  The governments are full of waste.  Both are attempting to penalize the people through endless taxation and and licensing and permits and fees and laws and defined standards of living which will only serve to fund their plans to keep the game going.

How many people on the planet do you think are anxious to continue destroying it, versus the people who would do anything for the opportunity to clean it up?  We know what to do.  All you need to do is stop with the endless need to control us -- step aside and let us take care of our own business, in peace.  We're done with being told how to live our lives, and since you've proven for centuries that you can't control yourselves, what makes you think you can continue to control an awakening public?  Just stop it, you're making fools of yourselves.  Enough is enough.

In my opinion, the universe is an endless source of everything humanity needs.  All we need to do is treasure it -- nurture it -- love it -- and appreciate it.  We don't need a group of globalist think tanks to put their spin on something so simple.

Back to my point.  The New Earth Trust, Humanitad, and New Earth Nation/Project appear to have nearly identical plans and goals for the world and its people as the United Nations, the difference in the two being the language they use to express themselves.  Its flavor of bullshit changes with whatever bullshit the people will swallow that day.

The New Age Order.

Look at a schematic of the United States government sometime.  One huge corporation with different "departments" they tell you are separate from one another, but you know they're not because they operate as one big conglomerate that pretty much controls your life.  Land, law, finance, education.

One or two or three guys running the whole show, following a strict agenda that keeps control of said agenda at all cost, unwavering and and non-flexible in their united mission, and all of it backed by a Trust.

Interesting ... 

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