I write this from my personal experience as a volunteer with this group.  Two years later, I look back on over a year of my life wasted on conference calls, recordings, meetings, articles, research and endless DRAMA caused by potential "public relations" fires so feared by The Titles that someone must stomp them out immediately on their behalf.  Illusion (I mean image) is everything among the Titles.

It was that announcement that did it.  It was so full of the same bullshit this group has been spewing forever, and I couldn't ignore it.  And I'm not alone.

I'll warn you now, if you aren't interested in some of the more gory details about volunteering with this group, this article will likely bore you to tears, so stop here.  But I'm thinking there are people who've been asked to and are considering working with Sacha Stone and his globetrotting roadshow because he's so good at making it look like a fun gig.  For him, it is.  For you, it's hard work and endless Deadlines.

So, this is for you.

Working for the Committee, your primary job is raising money and making the ITNJ and The Titles look good.  Knowing the law isn't a prerequisite.  This is because knowing the law will cause you to question The Titles and their actions, and they are known to get highly offended and tell you how you've insulted them if you speak out in protest.  If you really want to piss them off, show them evidence.  But be forewarned, the Title Tantrum is a very unpleasant experience.

You'll learn The Script and be told you're becoming part of a global change on the planet you've only dreamed of.  You'll be introduced to The Others, too.  The Others stay in the background somewhat so you never really get to know them personally.  At any one time, they're a mixture of globalists, some Purported Experts in certain fields, Old Money, and Big Names, and appear to come and go.  You're a little confused, but impressed nonetheless.

The Titles will be your main source of daily direction in how things work.  All of them so far have been kind, gracious, and charming, not to mention very grateful that you've volunteered your precious time to help them get through their complicated daily lives and you wonder why the whole world isn't jumping on this bandwagon, and why The Titles are so in need of your help.

The Titles will put you under the capable yet endless supervision of Andrea, a most loyal follower of The Titles who's stuck by them through thick and thin.  Andrea likes our work so much that she's plagiarizing it to promote the ITNJ on its second attempt at credibility (providing safe haven for pedophiles) on the world stage, and shortly we'll be showing our gratitude for the honor in a way only a group of American legal nerds could be expected to respond.  Anyway --

If you have a Big Name, expect to be the recipient of a short, but charm-filled call from Sacha Stone Himself, arranged by one of his Senior Volunteers, and shortly thereafter, a gracious, graphic-filled and formal-looking digital invitation will arrive in said Big Name's inbox inviting Big Name to grab a title out of the hat and take said Big Name's place among The Others.  The digital version of a formal invitation looks expensive but cost them nothing because it was created by a starry-eyed volunteer who likely skipped breakfast and lunch to get it done by The Deadline so Sacha could sign it before leaving for somewhere on another donor-funded vacation.  The volunteer is too busy meeting The Deadline to notice the invitation went out to a well-known globalist.

The Titles are most interested in the audience following the Big Name.  This gives them the credibility they lack because the actions of the Titles don't match their words, and the Titles are well aware of this.

The Titles don't ask for much time or work from the Big Name.  This makes it easy for the Big Name to say yes, and easy for The Titles to start counting the dollars that might arrive in their bank account given by the audience of said Big Name, due to the plastering of said Big Name all over their websites and a one-minute recording of an endorsement of The Script that they can post on Youtube.  All the Big Name can do is a one minute ditty, because the Big Name doesn't know enough about the ITNJ to do two.  It just sounds good.

You're pretty sure this Big Name is a globalist, and you voice your concerns to The Titles, who promptly poo-pooh them.  This is the New Paradigm, they say.  Stop that insulting behavior and get with the program, we all have to work together on this planet.  Everyone is invited to join the effort, shame on you for not knowing this simple fact.

You sit back and watch the one minute ditty on YouTube in awe, smacking your head because you're not yet there ... you just don't have the consciousness of the New Earth.  But someday you will. Keep making those digital invitations and you, too can be one of The Titles.  Or The Others.  Or a Big Name.  Just follow The Script and everything will be good.

And don't fear -- you're one of the privileged few who get to watch Sacha and The Titles and The Others and the Big Names go on vacation and host parties and teas and conferences with the donation money you worked hard to put into their non-profit pockets.  They are working for humanity and the good of all.  If you're lucky, they'll even publicly thank you.  Just don't count on it.
New Earth Haven
The Titles never fund their fantasies from their own pockets.  And if you ask them for an accounting of where the donations went, you'll be met with a firm "that's insulting!" as a response.  Most of them don't have a dime to their name anyway.  This is because their lifestyles are based solely on your unpaid work to bring in money from uninformed donors to keep those bank accounts overflowing with ample spending money to fund their lavish parties and projects.  They are working for the good of humanity, after all.

The Titles will lie to your face, they'll steal from your energy stash, and intimidate you by using big words and loud voices when you don't perform.  You'll wonder why you're not smart enough to get this stuff.  And this is why you'll work even harder to prove yourself wrong.

We worked very hard to bring in funds to the ITNJ thinking we were sending a judge to his ceremonial seating in an international tribunal we believed was being set up to provide justice for all.

What actually happened is we sent -- with your money, a millionaire BAR attorney, his wife, and his two assistants (after they'd sent us a bill for their work) on an all-expense paid vacation for the opportunity to join other Titles and Big Names at the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta bash thrown by other Titles and Big Names at Runnymede.  The ceremonial seating was just an extra perk.  Because this court is fake, an illusion.

What has this group done for humanity?  Are they feeding the poor?  Helping the homeless?  Providing any funds for the sick who can't afford it?  Look it up and you'll get the answer.

New Earth Haven Pay-to-Play     Bali, Indonesia
And I'm so very sorry I had anything to do with this circus.  The entire USA team is sorry.

KARMA is new age shame -- but guilt for allowing oneself to be railroaded by bullshit is real.  We continue to do our legal work to this day, helping people with foreclosures and such, and teaching people how to stand up to the system by using it against itself.  We have a case going to the Supreme Court this fall, we pay close attention to and support the work of Anna von Reitz and others, and collectively, we are making headway.

I sincerely hope if you do read this and you get its meaning, that you will send it to anyone you know who might be considering volunteering one minute of their precious energy, time, and heart to provide one dime for these greedy, energy-sucking, elitist-minded parasites who will continue to feed on the goodness of humanity endlessly planning something while producing nothing for anyone but themselves -- until we finally wise up, and just stop it.

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