THE ITNJ (International Tribunal for Natural Justice) REARS ITS UGLY HEAD -- A WARNING PART I

I received the document below in an email from several former ITNJ participants this past week, and I'm astounded that anyone who understands the problems of our world today and who caused them (HINT:  It starts with BAR), and not to mention KARMA, is involved with this group.   

LET IT BE KNOWN that those of us who understand the goal of the ITNJ has nothing to do with justice, and everything to do with the status quo with a new face, that we will inform the public of the dangers of getting involved, thinking any justice for the people will be served. It is a sideshow that distracts and detracts from the real culprits and provides no enforcement whatsoever.

It's been two years, and after making a couple of posts about our exodus and talking privately to many people who wanted our story, we've been pretty much silent.  That stops now.

We did our homework.  We encourage everyone to do the same before getting involved with this group.

Why?  Because you will be working your ass off as an unpaid volunteer to secure and pay for a whole new government and LEGAL SYSTEM with the purse strings (and total control, including land ownership, yes, that's right) in the hands of New Earth Trust and the hidden hands (and we believe there are likely more) behind it and HumanitadThe projects dreamed up by them are an endless  harvest of your time, energy, hope, and more importantly, your hard-earned cash.

The "ITNJ Committee" attempted an international presence in 2015.  While the money raised from the public went straight into Never Never Land, and shortly after the USA team got a bill from Walsh in the amount of nearly $240,000 for his time and expenses from the beginning, our request for and flat refusal to see a full accounting of the income and expenses resulting from the first fundraiser, we saw the light.  That money for Walsh was expected to come from your donations.  The USA got out, followed by The Squamish Nation in Canada and, most recently, South Africa.

Knowing the history of the ITNJ as I do, this is simply the next round of fundraising that will no doubt go straight into the pockets of the New Earth Trust, laundered through the ITNJ's fake court.  But this time, they will harvest their beloved money through the hope of people who might consider a donation to see the end of pedophilia.

Allow me to enlighten you as to what I think is going on.

The mass media is attempting, hilariously, to portray pedophilia as a "disorder" to desensitize the masses to this violent crime, just as they've done with police brutality and Antifa and terrorism, and the ITNJ is following the script to a tea.  In my book, if you rape a child, molest a child, or abuse a child in any way shape or form, I don't care if you have a mental problem (and it's obvious you do), you're a criminal with a mental problem.  The world wants, needs, and deserves justice.  And our children deserve no less.  Their solution is to take affidavits to the appropriate law enforcement agencies .. and those would be the same ones who've ignored them for hundreds of years. 

Like the ITNJ BAR Association's potential to provide a haven for criminal lawyers, a pedophile who has  sanctuary will never, ever be encouraged to change his or her ways.  This is nothing but New Age bullshit.  The Vatican, for hundreds of years, has supported pedophilia by protecting thousands upon thousands of pedophile priests through large lawsuit payouts with gag orders attached, and "quiet transfers" of priests to a new church chock full of brand new victims.  You could say it's a haven for pedophiles.  Forgive and forget, turn the other cheek, live and learn, as the KJV Bible teaches, right?

So, how has that policy worked to curb the rampant spread of pedophilia in the world today?  And where are all of these pedophiles who've admitted their crime to the world going to live once they've admitted to such a violent crime and said they're sorry?  At one of New Earth Nation's communities?  New Earth Haven ... ?

I'd suggest Mr. Stone and his cohorts don't have children who have been abused by any of these horrible creatures, and I would further suggest that the ITNJ's lame solution for this horrible crime is an indicator that the mental illness surrounding pedophilia may not be exclusive to the pedophile.

The ITNJ is an illusion.  An internet stage play.  A reason to grab onto the hearts and minds of people who believe that a hearing on Youtube from a BAR member's office in Australia will ever get them justice.  And they'll keep the show going for as long as you allow them to do it.

Memo to the ITNJ and the ITNJ Committee:  I'm not one of "the people" who mandate anything remotely relating to this farce and I will not stop until your court is exposed for the illusion that it is.  I've been silent for two years hoping you'd just stop it.

This is only Part One ...

Much love,

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