KEN GOES TO BURNS, OREGON -- Published January 24, 2016

Ken talks about his visit with the people in Burns, Oregon during the Malheur "standoff."  The events surrounding this historic event resulted in the murder of LaVoy Finicum by corporate thugs paid for by special interests.  He also shared his research with everyone he came in contact with.

Ken tells us about his observations during his trip to Burns, Oregon. As an Oregonian, Ken was not content to read what was happening in his own state from the mainstream news perspective. He wanted to see for himself. He gave us some interesting, and comforting, news about the events now taking place as well as his insight into the different groups and their motives, and the hearts of the American people who have decided "enough is enough" and despite all the criticism, the accusations, and the attempted distortion of their mission by the mainstream media, are holding their ground.