Ken Dost spent 25 years in the field of Architecture, 10 years in business for himself until the freezing of credit markets in 2007 that was targeted to the Design/Construction industry to shore up commercial paper from failing.  Here is story in his own words:

"My story specific to how it is I became a researcher in 1996 with the purchasing of 10 acres of raw land, performing 2 years of due diligence necessary to partition the parcel into two 5 acre legally approved buildable parcels. I designed the homes for lots, selling off the one, the other being the home my wife and I moved into with our new 1 week daughter in January 1999. In November 2001, we sought to refinance to a lower interest rate with US Bank, who completely and totally botched the refinance to the point of destroying our once perfect credit. The new OCC deregulatory policies allowed them to get away with it, and no attorney would touch the matter, leaving us on our own. We sought a Senatorial inquiry to the OCC against US Bank which brought out the President of US Bank’s, Consumer Finance Division, personally handled US Bank’s botched refinancing with a no point no fee refinancing in November 2002, doing nothing though for the credit damage. It is my belief though we were set up because US Bank failed to remit the homeowners insurance premium in a timely manner, which was theirs contractually to make. Thus in November 2004, without notice or warning State Farm terminated our homeowners’ insurance policy on the basis of US Bank’s late payment of premium. Coincidentally, at the same time of cancellation we had a small open claim for less than $5000, but because there was an open claim unsettled, we were completely and entirely uninsurable. The new OCC deregulatory policies allowed them to get away with it, and no attorney would touch the matter, leaving us on our own. Although we were able to get onto Oregon Fair Plan, which was in set in place to respond to redlining, the maximum coverage fell $15,000 short of the principle amount. US Bank would not accept this, instead slapped us with their forced in place insurance at 5 times the cost of the State Farm canceled policy, thereby stretching our finances to maximum, forcing us to refinance. Due to US Bank’s obliterating our credit, the only option was a 3/27 ARM from Ownit Mortgage Solutions, Inc. in May 2005 in which was fully verified and documented. 4 months later, Ownit and Merrill Lynch led the charge with the abandonment of all lending standards which the entire industry followed. Our economic collapse was not in the fall of 2008, but in the fall of 2007 with the industry-wide freezing of credit targeted to shutting down the entire design and construction sectors nearly overnight. 25 years in the field of Architecture, 10 with my own small design consulting business came to abrupt end in just over one week in August 2007. Default followed in June 2008. The publicly played out economic collapse followed this in the fall of 2008. Without a career and without hope in finding employment, I turned my attention and anger towards the banking industry.

I set out to reverse engineer the frauds, approaching it much like designing a building. What was uncovered is a conspiracy of immense magnitude."

Ken is joined tonight by Jan Lohfeldt who has been fighting the banking foreclosure monsters for several years now losing. Jan has extensive experience and knowledge of Common Law. People's attorney Brother Thomas also joins us tonight as dishonest banking practices are revealed.